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“Tim DeKay is one of TV’s great yet unheralded utility players, able to excel at dry comedy, laconic lawman dialogue and emotional subtext without drawing attention to his own versatility.” –Maureen Ryan
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Tim DeKay on directing WHITE COLLAR'S Yankee Stadium Visit- Biggest Cliffhanger Finale Ever





'White Collar' Star to Make TV Directing Debut on Series (Exclusive)
"90210" alum Hal Ozsan has signed on to guest star in the baseball-themed episode. 
 by Philiana Ng           

One of White Collar's stars is stepping behind the camera.

The Hollywood Reporter <>  has learned that Tim DeKay, who plays FBI agent Peter Burke on the USA Network drama, will be making his television directing debut with the episode, "Stealing Home," set to air February 2012. The episode, set around a "priceless stolen baseball," began shooting Tuesday in New York City.

Additionally, 90210 and Californication alum Hal Ozsan will appear as the beloved and elusive contract thief from Great Britain, Gordon Taylor. Gordon is in Manhattan to assemble an all-star crew for his next big heist, which may include Neal (Matt Bomer) and Mozzie (Wille Garson). Through this, Neal is reminded of what life could be like again as a high-end thief.

"It's interesting because I look at it from an actor's point of view," DeKay told THR late last week. "It confirms my thought about always relying on the director when he or she gives me a note. To a degree, they perhaps know the moment a little better than I do as an actor because [they've] been with the script much longer."

The story treads on familiar ground for the TV vet, who has had his hand in directing shorts and theater. "I played some baseball in high school and college and I coach my son's Little League team," he said. "I was certainly able to contribute to the wardrobe decisions more than I've ever contributed to wardrobe in my life."

DeKay, who has been in prep for about two weeks, is well aware of the internal challenges that await him as he takes the helm.

"There definitely will be some fighting in my head," he says. "The crew might see me in the corner just arguing with myself as to whether or not I can get another take." Don't worry though, DeKay reassures that his screen time will not drastically decrease for the episode.

But he issued a warning to those living in the Big Apple: "If you heard any kind of screams, if you lived in New York, you knew it would be on my first day of shooting."

White Collar airs its midseason finale with guest star Beau Bridges on Tuesday at 9 p.m. and returns for the second half of Season 3 in January.

Matt Bomer and Piper Perabo: License to Thrill

By Damian Holbrook

He's the bad boy, she's by the book. But when you put two of cable's sexiest stars together for a photo shoot, a funny thing happens. After shaking off the sand and scrubbing off their sun-kissed makeup, Matt Bomer, who plays White Collar's swoonworthy con man Neal Caffrey, and Piper Perabo, the Golden Globe-nominated knockout behind Covert Affairs' CIA rookie Annie Walker, chill out at a café on New York's Chelsea Piers. When not dropping hints about their season premieres this week — Collar returns with our beloved Neal-Peter bromance on the rocks, and Affairs finds Annie protecting a CIA ally just as strong-willed as she is — the two laugh it up about love interests, filming on location and their perfect idea for a crossover episode. Hot and hilarious? Talk about an explosive combo!

Perabo: Oooh, I like your natural skin color.
Bomer: Thank you! I was an orangey brown for the shoot. Oh, and I liked your Brigitte Bardot hair.
Perabo: [Laughs] It was so big.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you know each other before this?
Perabo: No. Actually we did a phone interview together. That was the first time we ever spoke. Then you sent me flowers [after] the last episode of Covert Affairs. That was so nice.

TV Guide Magazine: You Texans take care of each other...
Perabo: You're from Texas? Where?
Bomer: Spring, outside of Houston.
Perabo: How cool! I'm from Dallas... You better like the Cowboys.
Bomer: My dad was drafted by them, so I didn't have a choice.
Perabo: No way! Are you kidding me? Did you go to school in Texas?
Bomer: No, Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. I was [Lights Out's] Pablo Schrieber's roommate.
Perabo: You were his roommate?! He played my husband when we did Reasons to Be Pretty on Broadway. [Laughs] When we're not in the middle of an interview, I am going to ask you so many questions.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you watch each other's shows?
Bomer: Of course.
Perabo: It makes me homesick to watch White Collar because they film in New York and he's constantly going past restaurants I love, or a park I miss.

Bomer: [Laughs] Awww.

TV Guide Magazine: And you're up in Toronto shooting Affairs, right?
Bomer: You guys do an amazing job making Toronto look like [D.C.].
Perabo: It's well suited for the switch. You couldn't actually [do] our show in Washington because the real FBI doesn't like it if you pull guns and run around.

TV Guide Magazine: Would your shows do a crossover?
Bomer: That would be badass.
Perabo: You could do all three [USA shows]: Covert Affairs, White Collar and Burn Notice — because [Jeffrey Donovan's character is] burned, he'd be a useful person for us.

TV Guide Magazine: He could be connected to Annie's ex, if he survives that finale shooting.
Perabo: I can tell you that you will find out in the premiere what happened to Ben after he was shot.

TV Guide Magazine: And what about Collar this season? Does Neal take the Nazi treasure he found in the finale?
Bomer: That's his conundrum. He has to choose between the big score or really cooperating with the FBI. The stakes are higher and it's brought a new tension to the relationships.

TV Guide Magazine: What did you think when they told you it was gonna be Nazi treasure?
Bomer: I thought, "OK, we're going into Raiders of the Lost Ark realm... Let's do it."

TV Guide Magazine: Will you be trading Neal's fedora for a more Indy-style hat?
Bomer: How great would that be?
Perabo: No, I love the fedora!

TV Guide Magazine: Back to relationships: What's up with Annie's and Neal's love lives?
Bomer: You have a lot of choices.
Perabo: You should see Season 2!

TV Guide Magazine: There's the new doctor...
Perabo: And there's another one coming.

TV Guide Magazine: Has Neal found a keeper with Sara (Hilarie Burton)?
Bomer: I like his and Sara's relationship. It's adult, they have fun — recreationally and in the sheets. I love me some Hilarie Burton, and it was about time Neal got laid. He'd been in prison a long time and then he was looking for Kate for a couple years. [Laughs] He needed it.

TV Guide Magazine: Since this is our Summer Preview issue, what's your favorite part of this season?
Bomer: I like barbecues with friends and family. I do a homemade bourbon-molasses barbecue sauce. I don't wanna toot my horn, but it's good.

Perabo: After Texas, we moved to New Jersey, so I [spent a lot of time] on the beach in Seaside Heights where Jersey Shore is filmed. That's how I got my hair so big!

TV Guide Magazine: With such physical roles, you must be beach-ready, huh?
Bomer: You're assuming I have time to go to the gym.
Perabo: When I go outside, I am slathered in sunblock to make sure my color doesn't change!

TV Guide Magazine: Do you guys have any summer plans?
Bomer: My summer plans are to work on White Collar. If I have a free weekend, I'll escape up to Sag Harbor or Shelter Island. It's nice there.

Perabo: And I'll be filming, too. But we did get to film in Puerto Rico and Paris. We think there is a leak in the Syrian embassy in Paris, so I go there to get information.

Bomer: What? That is hot! [Laughs] Now I definitely want to do a crossover. Just get me to Paris.

For more scoop on this season's hottest summer shows, pick up this week's issue of TV Guide Magazine, on newsstands Thursday, June 2!

Scoops! Lost Stunner Rebecca Mader Spies Covert Gig, White Collar Adds Star's Husband

By Matt Webb Mitovich – 05/27/11

With summertime fast approaching, casting news is heating up for USA Network’s stable of “blue sky” dramas.

On Friday morning alone, TVLine confirmed that Rebecca Mader (Lost, No Ordinary Family) will be guest-starring on Covert Affairs, which launches its second season Tuesday, June 7.

In the new run’s sixth episode, the head-turning redhead will play Franka, a German flight attendant whom Auggie meets while en route to Istanbul. But in addition to coffee and pillows, Franka also offers assistance, when Chris Gorham’s vacationing spy guy gets pulled into a mission.

Mader also has a lead role on the midseason ABC comedy Work It.

But wait, there’s more casting goodness: TVLine has also learned exclusively that Brady Smith — aka the real-life husband of White Collar regular Tiffani Thiessen — will be appearing on his missus’ show, which uncorks its third cycle also on June 7.

In a July episode revealing some backstory on Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins), Brady will play an ex-Navy commander and COO of a Blackwater-type private security company who has a connection to the valiant FBI agent’s past

Matt Bomer: 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' Visit! -05/28/11

Matt Bomer looks dapper in a suit as he walks to the set of his TV show, White Collar, on Monday (May 23) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actor filmed scenes with his co-star, Willie Garson, during the day.

Later that day, Matt dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and chatted about his experience at the Revlon Run/Walk for Women in April, where he drove the pace car for the race.

Be sure to see what Matt has to say about the New Yorkers who didn’t understand that he was a part of the race – hilarious!

For clip of Interview:

Brady Smith to star in 'White Collar'

By Catriona Wightman – 05/31/11

Brady Smith has signed up to guest star in White Collar.

Smith, who is married to the show's star Tiffani Thiessen, will appear in an episode of the new season in July.

He will play a former Navy commander and the boss of a private security company, TV Line reports.

Smith's character is also expected to have a link to the past of Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins).

Smith has previously guest starred in shows including The Closer, Harry's Law, Bones, CSI, Castle, Ghost Whisperer and The Mentalist.

The new season of White Collar, which premieres on USA on June 7, will also feature appearances from Jonathan Silverman, Moran Atias, Jayne Atkinson, William Sadler, Anna Chlumsky and Neil Jackson.

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, Mama is unpacking her favorite TV fare

By Tiffany Wendelen Connors

New York Post – 05/29/11

White Collar

Sorry ladies, it looks like our favorite hottie con artist, Matthew Bomer’s Neal Caffrey, may be off the market. “One Tree Hill” babe Hilarie Burton, who played his love interest for a few episodes last season, joins the cast this season.

Tuesday, June 7, 9 p.m., USA

Burn Notice

This mojito-loving series has become Mama’s poster child for summer escapism TV — even though second half of last season was unwisely scheduled in the fall. Michael’s (Jeffrey Donovan) in league with the CIA after uncovering an international conspiracy, but even if you haven’t been keeping track, it’s OK to jump in. All you need to know is this: Well-dressed pretty people chase each other across a tropical landscape littered with bikini-clad babes. Let the vacation begin.

Thursday, June 23, 9 p.m., USA

Summer Blast
Neworks break out new shows, returning favorites

By Amy Amatangelo -05/29/11

Summertime and the TV viewing is anything but easy. Gone are the days when viewers had to live on stale reruns to get through those humid nights. The cable and commercial networks serve up a smorgasbord of new and returning shows over the coming weeks.

Ally Walker, who starred in the series “Profiler” more than a decade ago, headlines the new Lifetime drama “The Protector” (June 12) as an LAPD homicide detective. ABC’s “Combat Hospital” (June 21) follows surgeons in a military hospital in Afghanistan in 2006. In USA Network’s “Suits” (June 23), Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is a college dropout who pretends to be a lawyer. Callie Thorne, the deliciously unhinged Sheila on “Rescue Me,” stars as a therapist for professional athletes and other high-profile clients in USA’s “Necessary Roughness” (June 29). Mekhi Phifer (“ER”) and John Barrowman star in Starz’s “Torchwood: Miracle Day” (July 8).

Returning favorites make their mark this summer. Paula Abdul, LeAnn Rimes and Wendy Williams guest in the third-season premiere of Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva” (June 19). FX canceled “Damages,” but the Glenn Close drama returns for a fourth season on DirecTV (July 13) with new cast members John Goodman and Dylan Baker. Hilarie Burton (“One Tree Hill”) joins the cast of USA’sWhite Collar” when it returns for a third season (June 7). The TV Land smash “Hot in Cleveland” is back with new episodes (June 15) with Elka (Betty White) hiding out in Amish country. “The Glades” is home to more tropical crimes (June 5). Julie Chen hosts another edition of CBS’ “Big Brother” (July 7). HBO’s “True Blood” is back for a fourth season of blood-sucking fun (June 26). And TNT’s “The Closer” opens up 10 new episodes (July 11).


By Rich Heldenfels

Akron Beacon Journal – 05/29/11

Q: Where is “Burn Notice”? It's my second-favorite show after “White Collar.

A: A new season of “Burn Notice” begins June 23 on USA Network. “White Collar,” by the way, will air new episodes beginning June 7.

'White Collar' news: Latest casting and new preview released – video

By Regina Avalos – 05/30/11

White Collar will return to Channel 28 in Tempe on June 7 with a new season. Fans were given another taste of what to expect from the series over the weekend. On Saturday, Spoiler TV shared this latest preview from White Collar season three that contains brief scenes from the new plot featuring Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke, played by Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay.

At the end of last season, Peter accuses Neal of stealing his mentor's stash of art. It is revealed that Neal does have those items in his possession, but not how they landed there. Did he go back to the bad side? Or did someone help him and do the job for him without him knowing? This clip shows Peter once again accusing Neal of the crime, but that is it. Yes, this is a teaser. Fans will have to wait one more week to find out what happens next.

In other White Collar news, it was also revealed over the weekend by Spoiler TV that Brady Smith will join the cast of the series for an episode to air in July. He will play man that has a connection to the character played by Sharif Atkins. Brady Smith does have a connection to the series. He is the real life husband to one of the stars of the series -Tiffani Thiessen. She plays the wife of Peter Burke on the USA Network series.

Fans are waiting for the return of White Collar to USA. One fan said the following on Twitter: "#whitecollar starts june 7 on usa!"

Tim DeKay: "White Collar" is a "bromance" – 05/27/11

It's a love-love relationship between FBI agent Peter Burke and criminal Neal Caffrey on USA series "White Collar" according to actor Tim DeKay. He also dishes on playing Bizarro Jerry on "Seinfeld" and working in NYC.

For clip of interview:

Sarah Jessica Parker and Willie Garson’s Kids Are BFFs, Too

By Jeffrey Slonim – 05/28/11

Sarah Jessica Parker and Willie Garson were BFFs on Sex and the City. And now, their kids are, too.

Garson, who played Stanford Blatch on the HBO series and feature films, tells PEOPLE that his son Nathen is great friends with James Wilkie — Parker and Matthew Broderick‘s 8½-year-old son.

Parker was “an inspiration to me when I was adopting,” the White Collar star, 47, told PEOPLE Wednesday at the FiFi fragrance awards in New York. “I was like, ‘Oh, my God, what happens when he says this? And what do I do?’ And she was really great.”

Nathen and James Wilkie are about eight months apart in age, “so they’re buddies,” Garson says. “We go out to the beach with them and have a great time.”

At the time of the adoption in 2009, Parker and Broderick explained to their son that Nathen had come from a rougher background. And James Wilkie “was just very welcoming,” Garson says.

Garson says he and Parker were friends for 20 years before Sex and the City, and are still as close as ever.

And how does Garson tell Parker’s 23-month-old twin daughters Tabitha and Loretta apart?

“When you walk in, you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m forgetting which one is which,’” he says. “It’s hairdo, temperament and facial expressions. One is more temperamental, one is calm, calm, calm. One always has hair like Tina Turner in Thunderdome.”

Additional Willie Garson/Parenting stories - As seen in: Yahoo! News Malaysia, Showbiz: East Coast Radio,

USA Network, 'EW' Sweeten Summer Lineup

By Fern Siegel – 05/27/11

Cabler USA Network has partnered with Entertainment Weekly and premium ice cream maker Haagen-Dazs to promote its summer original lineup nationwide.

The network is launching six shows -- four returning series and two new efforts. The troika kicks off a three-day outdoor screening event, "Summer on USA," beginning 8:00 p.m. May 31 at the Hudson River Park's Pier 46, with screenings of "White Collar and "Covert Affairs." "Royal Pains" and "Necessary Roughness" will screen June 1, and "Burn Notice" and "Suits" June 2.

The West Side pier will be turned into an outdoor screening area complete with 35-foot screen, branded seating, a lounge and complimentary food and beverages. Attendees can sample more show content on-site via pre-loaded iPads.

In addition, USA and Entertainment Weekly will co-sponsor a promotional guide to summer fun in 10 cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. The guides outline summer festivals, concerts, food and fashion in each destination. Ads for USA's original series are covered in EW's current "Best of Summer" issue.

Promotional efforts take to the streets in five major cities -- including New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles -- to hand out the new Haagen-Dazs Sundae cone flavor, along with the entertainment guide. Branded ice cream carts and bikes will visit these five venues June 22-23 to promote "Suits," and on June 28-29 to publicize "Necessary Roughness."

According to NBCU, the parent of USA Network, the cable channel is seen in over 102 million U.S. homes.


New York Daily News (Print Edition) – 05/31/11

Enjoy more NYC with a daily look at where to go and what to do – close to home and around the city.

SEE THE USA. Catch screenings of USA Network’s hottest shows right next to the Hudson River. The three-day “Summer on USA” series kicks off with new episodes of “White Collar” and “Covert Affairs” and complimentary treats from Haagen-Dazs, Bark Hot Dogs and Kelvin’s Natural Slush. Visit for the full lineup. The pier opens at 6 p.m., screenings start at 8 p.m. Free. Pier 46, Charles St. and West Side Highway.

Photo: Matt Bomer in “White Collar” on Pier 46.

USA Network's Free Outdoor Summer Screening Series

NY Daily News – 05/31/11

USA Network hosts the “Summer on USA” screening series, an exclusive opportunity to view USA’s six summer series, before they air, in a customized outdoor environment. Guests will enjoy complimentary treats like Häagen-Dazs cones, Brooklyn’s Bark Hot Dogs, Kelvin Natural Slushies, San Pellegrino and fresh popcorn, all while watching premiere episodes from the new seasons of Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, White Collar and new series Suits and Necessary Roughness on a 35-foot screen.

USA Network hosts the “Summer on USA” screening series, an exclusive opportunity to view USA’s six summer series, before they air, in a customized outdoor environment. Guests will enjoy complimentary treats like Häagen-Dazs cones, Brooklyn’s Bark Hot Dogs, Kelvin Natural Slushies, San Pellegrino and fresh popcorn, all while watching premiere episodes from the new seasons of Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, White Collar and new series Suits and Necessary Roughness on a 35-foot screen.

'Summer on USA' Free Screening Series at Pier 46

MetroMix NYC – 05/31/11

When: Daily 6:30 PM (ends June 2)

Admission Price: Free
No offense to Time Warner, HD TVs and DVRs, but there’s nothing like catching something on a giant screen. So while most normally enjoy the USA network from the comfort of their futons, for three days fans can exchange their second-hand cushions for 35-foot glory. From May31 to June 2, USA is offering a free series that gives all comers a chance to check the premieres of the network’s biggest hits and newest shows. Held within a special outdoor lounge, there’ll be a DJ, snacks, seating and swag—all for free. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.—first come, first served; here’s the line-up:

Tuesday, May 31: “White Collar,” “Covert Affairs"
Wednesday, June 1:  “Royal Pains, “Necessary Roughness
Thursday, June 2: “Burn Notice,” “Suits

USA Network Free Summer Screenings – 05/31/11

“SUMMER ON USA” SCREENING SERIES:  An exclusive opportunity from USA Network to view USA’s six summer series, before they air, in a customized outdoor environment complete with a DJ, lounge and artisan snacks.  The screening series includes the premiere episodes from the upcoming seasons of WHITE COLLAR, COVERT AFFAIRS, BURN NOTICE, ROYAL PAINS and new series SUITS and NECESSARY ROUGHNESS.

Screenings will be held on a special 35-foot screen and attendees will be able to sample additional show content on-site via pre-loaded iPads.  Guests will be treated to complimentary treats including the new first-of-its-kind snack-size Häagen-Dazs cone. Additional food and beverage include artisan franks from Brooklyn’s beloved Bark Hot Dogs, sophisticated all-natural icy treats from Kelvin Natural Slushies, San Pellegrino sparkling beverages and fresh popcorn.  Awesome Dudes Screen Printers will be on-site creating custom-printed T-shirts featuring iconic USA summer designs.  Check out for more information.

Hot Under the Collar
Tim DeKay lays down the law on 'White Collar.'

By Philiana Ng

Photo by Frazer Harrison

Tim DeKay has played such varied roles as Bizarro Jerry on "Seinfeld" and the disabled carnival co-manager on HBO's "Carnivàle." Now the veteran actor returns as FBI agent Peter Burke on USA's "White Collar." But it's impossible to pigeonhole DeKay. As his long list of credits shows, he's quite the chameleon, but his role on "White Collar" as an FBI agent who is also a reluctant confidant to con man Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) may be the closest onscreen incarnation of his real self. To those waiting for a resolution to the series-long music-box story line, he offers this reassuring tidbit: "To pardon the pun, it will be closed by the end of the season."

DeKay recently spoke with Back Stage, discussing such topics as his long career, his philosophy on acting, and the possibility of directing an episode of "White Collar."

Back Stage: You've played a doctor on "Party of Five," a reverend on "Everwood," a husband struggling with intimacy on "Tell Me You Love Me," and now "White Collar." In retrospect, did your career choices stem from where you were at that particular point in your life?

Tim DeKay: That's a good question. I think partly, the roles that we get as actors, part of landing a role, is informed by what we're going through in our life. And that may not necessarily mean that if you were going through a tough time, you'll get tough roles. It could be just the opposite. You [could be] having a tough time in your life and you're answering what you love about acting by doing roles that are very joyous, and vice versa. As far as what I was planning to do, what roles I hoped I would get, it really came down to: I would just throw it out there and audition for whatever roles my manager and my agent thought would be good, and whichever one stuck, that's the one I did.

Back Stage: Are you picky about accepting roles?

DeKay: I can't say yes to everything, but I love to act, and if the role is anywhere near the world that I could perform in, I will do it. I think—and I can't speak for everybody—sometimes actors say they're "choosy" with roles because they're afraid to go on the audition. And I know I've been guilty of that myself. Yes, you have to think of your career, you have to think of how the industry views you, and you certainly don't want to be typecast, but part of me says, "Just go act. Just pick a role. You'll know which role you don't want." If you start to find yourself saying no to a lot of auditions, there might be something else that's speaking to you that's fear, more than being overly choosy.

Back Stage: Was the audition process for "White Collar" easier for you, having been on so many shows and films?

DeKay: It is now, yes. There are certainly steps that I don't have to take anymore when I audition, and also there are times when roles are offered to me. If it's a big feature film, not a lot of times are roles offered to somebody like me, but if it's television, I'm fortunate enough to get them.

Back Stage:
Having been on some heavy dramas, did your approach change when you slipped into the character of Peter?

DeKay: It did. That came from from [creator] Jeff Eastin's writing. What came out to me in the script more than anything was the intelligence and the heart—and I should probably add humor to that, as well. I felt that that was the essence to the show and the key to its success would be to make sure that the audience knows that [Neal and Peter] like each other. When it comes down to it, they may not want to admit it right away, but these two guys like each other.

Back Stage: Peter did catch Neal in the past and now they're working together.

DeKay: I think the other would honestly jump in front of a bullet to save the other. Just like in any relationship, it's compartmentalized. There are parts of their relationship where they still don't trust each other.

Back Stage:
The relationship between Peter and his wife, Elizabeth [Tiffani Thiessen], took a back seat in the first half of this season. Will we see more of their home life?

DeKay: We will get back to their home life and I think we'll get back to it even more in Season 3. In fact, Elizabeth helps out with some of the cases.

Back Stage
: Was there a moment in "White Collar" that defined Peter in the sense of who he was and what he wanted to achieve?

DeKay: There's a scene in the pilot where Neal reminds Peter that his anniversary is coming up. It just crushes Peter because he loves Elizabeth more than anything, but yet he gets lost in his work and he sometimes forgets to do those kinds of things. I think it's there where you're able to see how these two can really help each other, because Neal helps Peter with his relationship with Elizabeth and that then seems to inform me as to where Peter's mind is.

Back Stage: In the winter premiere, Peter gets caught on the wrong side of the investigation. Did that change his perspective on criminals and what they go through?

DeKay: It did. In the first half of the second season, Peter feels duped by the FBI in general and he's always been a loyal company man, and that ideology was taken from under his feet. So he's dealing with the fact that the FBI is not always a perfect world. In the second half of this season, something happens where Peter is really put on the other side—a number of times. The thing about Peter is that, yes, he's a company man and he believes in the FBI. But above that, he believes in what's right and may not always—at the time—agree with FBI protocol, but in the end, it's the right thing to do.

Back Stage: Next is the flashback episode where we see how Neal and Peter first met. What was Peter like back then?

DeKay: Peter had longer hair and—as one reporter or blogger put it—we're back to "Magnum" Peter Burke. [Laughs.] I'm so glad that we don't have to do the mustache in the present tense. Elizabeth was probably the one who prompted him to grow it and she's the one who prompts him to stop growing it.

Back Stage: You've directed before. Would you try your hand at directing an episode of "White Collar"?

DeKay: I would. That's in the plans, I hope. Fortunately, when you're on a show, if you're able to direct that show, you have crew that you've gotten to know so well, like a DP in Russell Fine, and it becomes much more of a group effort than you completely taking charge as the director. It's a safe environment to be able to direct on a series that you've been starring in.



Tim speaks out on the WHITE COLLAR FINALE- "Shocked"!

Unbuttoning His Collar - Los Angeles Times 7/26/2010
by Mark Sachs
For an actor who manages thrive for 15 years in hit-and-run world of TV guest spots, returning for a second season with USA Network's "White Collar" series feels positively luxurious for Tim Dekay.  "It is quite different, but I love doing a series because you get to live with a character for a much longer time," Dekay said. 
(complete article):,0,3141093.story.

For Another Week, USA Owns Cable Primetime Ratings Crown
By Bill Gorman - 03/09/10
Nobody could top USA Network ratings in cable primetime for yet another week. WWE Raw and NCIS repeats again were well represented in the top primetime cable shows.  Burn Notice and White Collar were also in the cable viewership top 25 for the week. Disney Channel and Fox News followed in second and third for primetime viewership.
As usual, Nickelodeon topped the Total Day cable viewership rankings.

Tim DeKay Breaks Down His 'White Collar' Success
By Mike Hess - 03/09/10
In yet another hit for cable, USA's 'White Collar' -- with a cast led by star Tim DeKay -- is just another reason why people are jumping to cable for quality television. "Culturally, the opportunity to look at different venues in general -- not only on TV, but online, on our phones -- has put in our psyche that there's so much there to watch and so many avenues," DeKay explained during a chat with us.
So, to someone who maybe hasn't ventured out and watched 'White Collar' yet, what's your Cliff's Notes summary of it?
'White Collar' is a show about the unlikely pairing of an FBI agent and an ex-con solving smart, glamorous, interesting and provocative crimes in a sometimes very funny way. It's 'Thomas Crowne Affair' meets 'Midnight Run.' That relationship between Robert DeNiro and Charles Grodin, they're very different but you can tell they kind of like each other even though they're quite opposite. And the 'Thomas Crowne Affair' gives it that snap and hipness.
'White Collar' has had whopping success and already has a full second season secured. As an actor, does that give you a sense of comfort?
I do have comfort, because as an actor you don't want that anxiety of wondering if you're going to continue with a certain role or if you're going to be employed the next year. It's nice to be comfortable with that and then you can concern yourself with the stories and nothing else. There's no other agenda than putting out a good product.
Cable is all the rage these days. Are viewers much more likely to branch out and check out a new show nowadays than they were 5 years ago?
I think they are much more willing to explore cable channels because culturally the opportunity to look at different venues in general -- not only on TV, but online, on our phones -- has put in our psyche that there's so much there to watch and so many avenues. Maybe HBO led the way with that, but you can now go to a network -- especially with USA -- and have a rough idea as to what a program is going to be. Not to say they're all the same, but our caption is "Characters Welcome." So you know you're going to find interesting, layered characters and relationships.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tim DeKay (Peter Burke) from White Collar - 03/09/10
A couple of weeks ago, I attended USA Network’s 2nd Annual Character Approved Awards reception, where they honored innovators in various different fields of work. To learn more about the nominees (which include Green Day and Katherine Bigelow), you can visit the Character Approved website. Many of the stars of the USA Network shows attended the reception, and I was able to talk with the cast of one of my new favorite shows, White Collar. I had interviewed Tim DeKay (Peter Burke) over the phone in the past, and he was so wonderful to meet in person, and just incredibly nice and forthcoming. So forthcoming in fact, that he ALMOST revealed a huge location that would have given away a major plot point from the season finale. We talked about Peter and Neal’s relationship, the success of White Collar, and of course, what it’s like working with Matt Bomer.
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Tim DeKay Talks 'Collar,' Kelly Kapowski and Playing 'Bizarro Jerry'
By Mike Hess – 03/09/10
Tim DeKay's television career is one for the history books, so the whopping success of his show 'White Collar' is just the icing on the cake. The devilishly handsome actor -- who has been on everything from 'Seinfeld' (Bizarro Jerry! Which he almost didn't play!) to 'Carnivale' to the incredibly racy 'Tell Me You Love Me' -- is now a part of USA's tremendous lineup with 'Collar,' and he stopped by the PopEater headquarters to chat about the show's vibe ("It's 'The Thomas Crowne Affair' meets 'Midnight Run") and why being faux-married to Tiffani-Amber Thiessen "doesn't suck."
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'White Collar' - 'Out of the Box' Recap (season finale)
By Bob Sassone – 03/10/10
(S01E14) "I think there's a difference between loving the idea of someone and actually loving them." - Elizabeth
I'm going to say that this was the best episode of 'White Collar' since the pilot. Maybe it's because it was a season finale and the stakes are higher and a lot of things come to a head, but that's not always the case with last episodes of a season for a TV show. But this one had everything you could possibly want in a season finale: an intricate caper, witty dialogue, heartfelt moments, Peter being suspended, double crosses, Diahann Carroll with an important role in the plot, and even a surprising explosion (though I saw it coming -- not sure why). This was a really nice way to end the season.
It also had the return of an old character from the show ... and it's not just a one-time thing.
I'm glad that Elizabeth said the above quote to Neal. I've been thinking about Neal's relationship with Kate. Sure, we haven't seen the connection and history that Neal and Kate share, just the looks they give each other and the way that Neal talks about her. But I've been wondering if maybe -- just maybe -- Kate isn't the one for him. I've been waiting for Neal to figure this out himself, or with Peter's help, and it looked like he was going to listen to Peter in the airport hangar when the plane exploded.
But is Kate really dead? Maybe she slipped off the plane while Neal and Peter were talking (they did show her slinking back into the plane when Peter appeared). Maybe next season will have Neal mourning Kate's death and her getting on with her new life and then they'll be clues that she's still alive.
So Neal and Alex and Moz stole the magical music box for Fowler and we sorta have that part of the story behind us and we can now get to this "Mentor" business (didn't understand why Neal trusted Alex so much -- I thought he switched bags and the music box wasn't in it but no, he was just dumb for a moment).
Fowler was talking to the big bad guy on the phone (he called the person on the other end "sir") and if we're to believe that this mysterious person is someone we've seen (so it will be more shocking next season) and not just some stranger whose reveal as the head baddie wouldn't have any effect, then I'm still going with Hughes (James Rebhorn). He seems like the most logical suspect, but we'll have to see what happens in future episodes. I also liked how Fowler wasn't killed (that would have been too predictable).
I'm not sure how things will progress in those future episodes. Fowler said that Neal worked for him now in the "Mentor" program and even had official papers so he could go free. Is that deal still in place, so next year Neal will go on cases without the ankle jewelry? Or will things go back to the way they were because of the secrecy and the fact he was going to leave on the plane?
Looking back at the half-season finale, it seems a little stale now, since nothing ever came of that "is Peter bad?" thing. I think this season finale was done a bit better and leaves us with a cliffhanger(s) that could have several different resolutions.
It was also great to see Marsha Thomason (Agent Diana Lancing) again (and with a great line, about Neal: "Is he still wearing the hat?"). I never understood why she left the show so early in its run, but she has been hired again and will be a full-time cast member again in season two. Speaking of ...
More thoughts ("Things I'd Like To See Next Season" edition):
-- More actresses with blonde hair. Seriously, it's hard to tell all of these good-looking brunettes apart.
-- If Kate is still alive, how about some real concrete reasons why Neal loves her so much?
-- A new theme song.

'White Collar' boss Jeff Eastin teases Season 2
By Curt Wagner – 03/09/10
USA's "White Collar" wrapped up its successful first season Tuesday with a bit of a cliffhanger that extends the series' mythology.
But according to the show's creator, Jeff Eastin, he isn't looking to shake things up too much in Season 2.
"It ain't broke and we're not going to try to change anything majorly in Season 2 in terms of dynamic," he told reporters during a recent conference call. "For me, the show is really about Peter and Neal and that's where the focus is going to stay."
SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the Season 1 finale, stop reading.
Peter and Neal, of course, are FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) and con man he hopes he's reformed, Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer). As Season 1 ended, an explosion killed someone close to Neal--and changed his plans drastically.
I'm just guessing, but it seems that in Season 2, Neal will be hunting down a killer, with or without Peter's help. FBI agent Garrett Fowler (Noah Emmerich) could be the henchman, but he's not in charge.
"The 'Big Bad,' as we call him, will be the guy that Fowler reports to," Eastin said. "We'll learn a lot more about him in Season 2."
Eastin talked more about Season 2 of the show, and how the relationship between Neal and Peter will grow. But before we get to that, I noticed a bit of an oops in this promo photo from the season finale, "Out of the Box."
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Nightly News: White Collar’s Tim DeKay Interview; Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes Cover Time Out
By Jaime Rabb – 03/09/10
Tim DeKay talks about the success of USA’s White Collar, faux-married to Tiffani Thiessen and Bizarro Seinfeld.


Review in the NY Times: "Like “Monk,” ending its final season on USA, “White Collar” creates a fantasy version of law enforcement in which bureaucracies don’t scuttle justice, reason prevails, and brilliance ensures the best possible outcome. At one point Burke asks his office how many went to Harvard, more than half raise their hands. This isn’t “Law & Order”; it is perfect-SAT territory, a cop show that pays deference to the culture of achievement and to an audience of affluent viewers"
Click here for the review in the NY Times.

Review in the LA Times: The most promising drama of the new season crackles with wit and charm, echoing 'It Takes a Thief' and boasting the best-matched lead characters since Butch and Sundance.
Click here for the video review and entire review of White collar in the LA Times.

  • USA gets away with a lot by having absolutely charming male characters at the center of its dramas. "Royal Pains" would be a much more boring medical show without Hank. "Burn Notice" wouldn't sizzle as much without Michael Westen.
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  •  With 'White Collar,' cable's USA Network collars new characters

    By Gary Levin

    USA Today –
    USA Network, on a "character"-fueled hot streak, Friday unleashes its newest caper, tied to a hot topic: high-end crime. White Collar (10 ET/PT) stars Matt Bomer as a rakish forger and con man who's sprung from jail to help an FBI agent (Tim DeKay) solve upscale crimes in New York City, where the show is being shot.

    The unlikely pairing calls to mind films such as Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours, an inspiration to creator Jeff Eastin (NBC's Hawaii). Collar is infused with breezy banter, uncomplicated storytelling and scant bloodshed. Like other USA series, "the reality is slightly heightened, (and) gritty is a word you would not apply," Eastin says.

    It shares the tone of Burn Notice, the network's biggest hit, and the upper-crust milieu of Royal Pains, its most recent new series, about a doctor who makes house calls in the Hamptons.

    USA had led cable ratings for the past three years with a mix of escapist dramas and top-rated reruns (House, NCIS), and its failure rate for original series has been low.

    Burn averaged 7.7 million viewers last summer, eclipsing Heroes, Law & Order and other current dramas on USA's big sibling, NBC.

    But the multiple Emmy-winning Monk ends its run Dec. 4 after eight seasons; its final seven episodes are paired with Collar's first, so the network is looking to replenish and tiptoe into (slightly) edgier territory.

    "For me, White Collar is like the perfect sweet spot right now," says NBC Cable entertainment chief Bonnie Hammer. "It's likable, it's relatable, it has that twist of humor but also a depth of storytelling," she says. "In a lot of ways it's a buddy piece, not laugh-out-loud like Psych is meant to be, but not as serious as In Plain Sight."

    It's uncertain how Collar will perform: Unlike all of USA's recent series, which were launched in the safe harbor of summer, the new show airs in the teeth of the fall TV season.

    "It's very different for us," Hammer says. But "the early feedback we're getting scares the living hell out of me because it's so positive. I have to manage my own expectations."

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